Endangering the Media
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Incident : JO_0096

An alleged attack by forces affiliated with the Ansar Allah movement “Houthis”, resulted in the killing of journalist Ahmed Al-Shaibani by a sniper shot, in Al-Hasab area, Taiz governorate, on February 16, 2016

Tue Feb 16 2016Taiz

Several sources on news sites claimed that journalist Ahmed Al-Shaibani was killed on the spot, as he was hit in the head by a sniper shot affiliated with the Ansar Allah movement “Houthis in Al-Hasab area, in Taiz city, on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, at 13:38 local time, while covering the ongoing clashes along with a number of his colleagues. One of the sources published a video documenting the incident, showing two women and another man in civilian clothes running across a street in a damaged neighborhood. Behind them Al-Shaibani, while running with a bag, then suddenly falls to the ground with a bullet in his head, and the video shows the details of Al-Shaibani getting shot and bleeding to death. Later, two men in military clothes, which was stated in a press conference that they were affiliated with the Popular Resistance, tried to pull Al-Shaibani from the street, but according to the sources, they were also shot at.

Alleged perpetrator:

Houthis rebel movement

Area of control:

Yemeni GOV forces

Delivery method:

Small arms

Weapons used:

Small arms



Direct hit:


Double tap:


Multiple targeted strikes:


Remote location:


Established pre-conflict:


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