Endangering the Media
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Incident : JO_0028

An alleged attack by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted one of the communication towers of the Watani FM radio station in the Al-Arous area, in Jabal Sabr, Taiz governorate on November 14, 2017.

Tue Nov 14 2017Taiz

Several sources on news sites, Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube claimed that the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted one of the Watani FM radio transmission towers in the Al-Arous area, in Jabal Sabr, in the Taiz governorate with an airstrike, which resulted in damage to the tower and the radio broadcasting stopped. A source on news websites claimed that a missile targeted the radio tower, and there is no military site affiliated with Ansar Allah al-Houthi movement statined there, no clashes, in addition to that the area is under gov army's control for two years. A source on Facebook claimed that the radio station continues to broadcast in the city of Taiz and its suburbs, but as a result of the bombing, broadcasting has stopped in some governorates. While another source on Facebook claimed that the targeting was carried out with three airstrikes on the area, the second strike targeted the transmitter tower, where the missile fell about two meters next to the tower, which led to great damage to the tower, cutting the cables in addition to injuring three people in the site, one of them with serious injury. A news source published a report on their Facebook page, on the incident and conducted an interview with the executive director of the radio station, where the video shows traces of some damage in the area and some craters caused by the airstrikes, one of the towers appears destroyed on the ground, as well as remnants of the weapon used, another footage show the dead bodies and paramedics transporting the injured. Pictures were also circulated showing the destroyed transmitter tower. Other sources on Twitter circulated a statement issued by the Watani FM Radio station, in which they submitted a complaint and demanded that the perpetrators be investigated and compensated. Another source on Twitter posted a video of the moment the radio was targeted. In a news report on YouTube, footages showed the destruction and craters caused by the missiles, and the remnants of the weapon used appeared in second footage. Several interviews were conducted with eyewitnesses, paramedics and the family of one of the victims, and an interview was also conducted with the governor of Taiz.

Alleged perpetrator:

Saudi-led coalition

Area of control:

Yemeni GOV forces

Delivery method:

Air strike

Weapons used:

Air strike



Direct hit:


Double tap:


Multiple targeted strikes:


Remote location:


Established pre-conflict: