Endangering the Media
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Incident : JO_0023

An alleged attack by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted Faj Attan military camp, which led to damage to the Al-Yemen tv Channel today building, killing employees and media workers in the capital, Sana'a, on April 20, 2015.

Mon Apr 20 2015Sanaa

Several sources on news sites, Twitter and Facebook claimed that the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted a weapons depot in Faj Attan camp in the capital, Sana'a, which led to a massive explosion, which damaged the Yemen Today channel and Yemen FM radio station, which are located in the same building as a result of the pressure of the explosion. One of the sources claimed that the airstrikes that targeted Faj Attan caused the destruction of the building and the equipment inside it, explaining that the channel resumed broadcasting from another location. Other sources also claimed that the broadcaster of Al-Yaman Today and Yemen FM Radio, Muhammad Rajeh Shamsan, was killed, and two workers in the channel and a number of building guards were wounded. Other sources claimed that the broadcaster, Muhammad Shamsan, was in the street near the building at the moment of the bombing, as he was killed due a shrapnel that hit his head, and a cameraman who was also injured was next to him. While some sources on Twitter claimed that four employees of the channel were killed as a result of the targeting, while another source claimed that three were killed and ten employees of Al-Yaman Channel were injured. A news source on Facebook also published a video of surveillance cameras from inside the building of Al-Yaman Channel today, showing the moment of the explosion, the destruction inside the building, and the employees running to take a shelter from the bombing inside one of the offices. According to several tv reports published on YouTube, one of which showed the moment of the explosion from inside the channel building and the panic on the workers, and in a second footage showing the size of the destruction in the building and the size of the destruction in the neighborhood, while some footages showed the wounded as they were being rescued, footages from inside the hospital and Muhammad Shamsan ‘s body.

Alleged perpetrator:

Saudi-led coalition

Area of control:

Houthis Rebel movement

Delivery method:

Air strike

Weapons used:

Air strike



Direct hit:


Double tap:


Multiple targeted strikes:


Remote location:


Established pre-conflict: